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Dieselkopf – high octane fuel for industrial ignition
“These engineers have been around for a long time, and since the debut ”Use the Machine for Your Own Sick Purpose” they have finely tuned and trimmed all engines to make an impact that is second to none. They put the pedal to the metal and produces industrial punk that is highly likeable for metal fans as well. They slow down to take a tight corner and produces down tempo menace that satisfy picky industrial listeners who fine dine pieces of NiN, Skinny Puppy and The Young Gods. The band wouldn’t sound like they smell: oil, diesel and burning rubber, if they lacked the hard hiting songs that sends greetings to bands like Ministry, Pitchshifter, Gravity Kills and even a little Lamb of God. And they don’t. Songs like King of the Hill, Filthy man and Firestep are soundbombs that always hit the target. This band knows the history of hard and dark electronic metal, they know how to start a chainsaw-guitar and bash up an oversteered”

— Erling Persson Press Manager, Fierce Transmission
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